Enhancing Personal Resilience for Foreigners in Japan

How would your foreign employees like to spend a few days after a major disaster?

In an ordinary way?


In an extraordinary way?

You can't prevent a disaster, but you can mitigate its risks.

Question: Why do foreigners in Japan need to increase disaster risk mitigation ability?

1. High exposure to large-scale disaster risks

  Japan is unfortunately a regular Top 10-ranker among some 170 countries and regions in terms of exposure and susceptibility to natural disaster risks.


  Therefore, the Japanese receive continuous training for disasters since their childhood, and become risk-conscious and prepared at school.


  However, unlike the Japanese, foreigners in Japan rarely have an opportunity for systematic training to handle disaster risks in non-Japanese languages. 



2. Limited emergency support for increasing foreigners in Japan

  Japan is estimating its inbound tourists will exceed 40 million in 2020 Olympic year, while officially starting to attract foreigners to its labor market.   In other words, Japan is constantly hosting many millions of foreigners.


  However, the multilingual emergency assistance capability of Japan's public sector remains limited. This is mainly due to foreign language literacy and cross-cultural communication ability.  

3. Rapid increase in litigation due to lack of 'Duty of Care '


   As  'Duty of Care' is expanding worldwide, companies and organizations are required to protect expats and other foreign employees against various local risks, not only with insurance or EAP(Employee Assistance Program) but also with more proactive and preventive measures.


  In Japan, all companies and organizations are urged to provide reasonable disaster risk mitigation training to everyone not only as a part of 'Duty of Care' but also as a foundation of BCP(Business Continuity Plan).



Answer: Because disparity of safety level exists between foreigners and the locals in Japan.

How our training courses are designed

    We bring peace of mind to foreigners and family members in Japan through systematic and easy-to-understand training courses and advisory, essential to raise the level of personal disaster risk awareness and preparedness.


  Our training courses are developed by Japanese certified disaster risk prevention experts to meet specific requirements of foreigners, and not a literal translation of training courses developed by Japanese or foreign authorities.